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3. Is the fertilizer you're using safe? Or do you even know?
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An All Natural Mineral Product
That Controls Scours!
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LCR Paste Plus-Benefits Cattle & Cattlemen
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Control Scours NOW!
Calf scours or calf diarrhea  results in most of the economic and death losses of calves in that age group.

The age of the calf when scours begins is an important consideration in its survival. The younger the calf, the greater the chance of death.

Scours is not a specific disease caused by a single infectious organism, but a symptom produced by many different pathogens. Scours can be caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, stress, improper nutrition or any combination of these problems. This complicates the identification of the cause or causes of specific outbreaks.
10 cc Per Treatment
Using the applicator  below one click of the trigger in the calves mouth is equal to 5 cc.

Simple ~ Safe


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In severe outbreaks, the effects of scours in an individual herd can be overwhelming. Illness may occur in 70 percent of calves born and death may occur in 50 percent.

Testimonial: LCR Paste Plus
I need to order one tube of the Stop Scours paste.  I have used it in the past and you have my Visa number and address.  The stuff really does work great.  
Thanks  Jo Stec
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Testimonial:  LCR Paste Plus
"Best product on Scours ever! Calves that were too weak to stand and suck within just a few hours of giving the paste were up and going strong.  If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believed it.  Calves on IV with no strength were soon up and going.  Couldn't catch even a day later.  It's a must for anyone with a scours problem."
Mike Patton
Sawtooth Cattle
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LCR Calf Scours Paste Plus
Control Calf Scours