8What is LCR Paste Plus!?
LCR Paste PLUS! The value of this product to the dairy
and cattle industry is enormous. This blend of all natural
trace minerals, is not a drug or an antibiotic. It is
dependable and economical. The perfect solution to
control scours.

What it does is stimulate intestinal flora, cell rejuvenation,
and enzyme production creating the building blocks for disease resistance and vitality.

LCR Paste PLUS! Within 24/hours often livestock is symptom free after being given LCR Paste Plus! The exception being extreme cases or when antibiotics have been administered. This requires a longer detox.

Our repeat sales of LCR Paste PLUS! is proof positive that veterinarians, ranchers, dairymen, know it works, and has proven value!!

8 Online Resources - Scours Information

Animal Welfare - Bovine Industry Cattle Facts

Calf Notes

Dairy Quality University

Management Guide - Controlling Scours In Nursing Calves

Oregon State University Extension Service

Piglet Scours

University of California - Cooperative Extension

LCR Library - Cow Calf Weekly: A Review Of Calf Scours

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All Natural -- Use WITH or WITHOUT Antibotics. FREE Consultations !!
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An All Natural Mineral Product
That Controls Scours!
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8LCR Paste Plus! ~ Directions
LCR Paste Plus! is given orally 10 cc ~ 30 cc's only once daily before feeding. In regards to extreme conditions double dose and use hydration therapy. Best results are obtained when NO drug therapy is administered.
(10 cc's) Weak day old/new calves.
Up to (30 cc's) for Scours; especially if poor weather conditions i.e. snow.
When not using - keep refrigerated.
Do Not Freeze.
Control Calf Scours