8Testimonial: LCR Paste Plus
Just wanted to let you know how I feel about your LCR
Paste Plus. I lost so many calves last year that I was
considering not raising any more.  I have to buy calves
from the sale barn.  These calves have been exposed to
so many germs that almost all are sick by the time I get
them home!  At one point last year, I lost 9 out of 10. 
That's just too much to lose. 

Most of the scour medications that I have found to work have now been taken off the market and even my Vet has little to offer.  This paste is easy to use, the calves are willing to take it and it has saved some really sick calves !! 

I was really amazed when my goats about ripped my shirt off trying to get at some that had gotten on it.  I later used it on a new goat who was really stressed from her trip to the sale.  By the time I got her home she was fine and she's pregnant!  Now I can continue to raise calves as I had planned.  I feel better knowing there is something out there that doesn't involve shots or antibiotics.  All my calves this year are fine and quite healthy.  Thank you.

Control Sheep Scours

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All Natural -- Use WITH or WITHOUT Antibotics. FREE Consultations !!
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An All Natural Mineral Product
That Controls Scours!
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8Testimonial: LCR Paste Plus
"Best product on Scours ever! Calves that were too weak to stand and suck within just a few hours of giving the paste were up and going strong.  If I hadn't seen it myself I wouldn't have believe it.  Calves on IV with no strength were soon up and going.  Couldn't catch even a day later.  It's a must for anyone with a scours problem."
Mike Patton
Sawtooth Cattle

8Testimonial: LCR Paste Plus
I need to order one tube of the LCR Paste Plus!  I have used it in the past and you have my Visa number and address.  The stuff really does work great.  

Jo Stec

Control Calf Scours
LCR Calf Scours Paste Plus