A Simple Way To Determine If You Have Cancer...
by Sid Baker,
Publisher, Better Health Secrets.

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This page was last updated: February 1, 2010
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Is there a suspicion that you, or a loved one, may have some form of cancer? If so, there is a simple test that you can have performed which will confirm, or dispel, any such suspicions. The fact is that this is a foolproof way to detect hidden cancers within your body!

Imagine, it would be a tremendous relief if it was possible to discover cancer cells in time to enjoy a complete and full cure, wouldn't you agree? Well, it is! Besides, there is nothing else that comes remotely close to this new test.

What is it? It is called an AMAS test. Amazingly, it's an easy one to take. Your doctor takes a sample of your blood, and then screens it for a substance called Anti-Malignan Antibody. It is so accurate that if you have it done twice, the rate of false positives and false negatives is below one percent!

How can it be so accurate? If cancer is by chance slinking around somewhere within your body, just waiting for that ideal time and place to pounce and manifest itself in its unique horrid manner, your immune system will be manufacturing an antibody in response to it. The AMAS test detects that antibody. And, presto, you know if you do have, or do not have, cancer.

Think about it. No more mammogram's and the squeezed, bruised breasts. No more prodding and poking around in unmentionable areas. Just a simple test.

Oh, by the way, you probably will have to tell your doctor about this wonderful test. Many of them are not yet aware of it. Certainly not to the overwhelming effectiveness of it. You can rest assured, however, if some member of my family suspects cancer, this will be the test we have the doctors do! You should too.

Remember, an early detection of cancer, before it has had time to entrench itself somewhere in your body, could mean the difference between life and death. Yours, or someone you know and love.

[Note: The kit itself, to draw the blood sample, is free. Write to: ONCO-LAB, INC, 36 Fenway, Boston, MA 02215. The instructions of what you need to do are included in the kit]

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