For the cattleman or dairyman who raises heifers for replacement, the LCR Paste Plus helps to raise a more disease resistant cow.

"New Improved LCR Paste Plus is orally administered," Larson explained.  "It is done with a caulking gun and tube.  If you drop the caulking gun you just pick it up, whereas before, with the liquid, you lost everything when the glass broke.  Shelf life is significantly longer than the liquid.  But it is not really an issue because people use it up so fast."

New improved LCR Paste Plus is available through the Internet.

"It has been very fulfilling for us, we love to be Internet based," Larson said.  "We advise people who want a catalog to go to their library and have the library print it off our Website. We want to be Internet-based as we go into the 21st century.

"The New Improved LCR Paste Plus is related to Larson Century Ranch, its agri-based operation, and it is something that has always been needed.  We ran into it years ago and had a good friend who gave out samples. Finally, the product evolved and we got involved and did expos and the product really caught on."

Larson said that each year brings a different set of circumstances due to weather and feed conditions, unique situations occur requiring the product be used differently from year to year.

Contact Rick Larson at (509-758-5445) or check out their Website:

Stop Scours Now!
Effective, Fast
Acting, All Natural, Economical

Now Available  Dependable product that works in all kinds of conditions!
Works alone without using drugs or antibiotics!
Will not blood test
No withhold time
Developed by a Cattleman for Cattlemen.

All-Natural Product Stops The Run On Scours
By: Terri McAffee
Beef Times Editor

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A friendly bacterium begins to flourish and the calf's immune system picks up vigor and is then capable of fighting off scours and other side effects like pneumonia.

New Improved LCR Paste Plus can give the edge in raising a young animal, whether referring to cattle, sheep, goat or horses.  New Improved LCR Paste Plus is made up of the best mineral products available on the market and is convenient and easy to use.

Rick Larson of Larson Century Ranch has life long experience with cattle and knows that his product will answer the scour problem.

"After using it myself with my cattle, I started giving out samples," Larson said. "It was phenomenal. People loved it.  We had it in liquid and then went to a paste."

The paste is place in a gun that looks similar to a caulking gun. It makes for easy administration of the paste and is a clean and efficient method.

Larson said that some of the worst cases of scours come with dairy calves. Because of the large number of cows confined in an area, they are susceptible to a number of problems. A calf can come into the world with antibiotics already lowering its resistance because of the antibiotics given to the mother.

Larson suggests that if you purchase beef or dairy calves, whether from a dairy or sale yard, you administer a dose of the New Improved LCR Paste Plus before transporting them.

The first does may be killed due to the antibiotics passed on from the mother cow or antibiotics given to the calf, and a second does will need to be given.

Describing the effect of the paste on a calf Larson said, "They 'light up'. Energy wise, they 'pick up'."

Friendly bacteria begin to flourish and the calf's immune system picks up vigor and is then capable of fighting off scours and other side effects like pneumonia.