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-- Moon Legend
Author:  Joan Case (06/16/02)
MOON  -  Legend gives us the origin of the name of Moon and tells us it was first bestowed as an honor.

-- Our Immigrant Ancestors
Author:  Joan Case (06/16/02)
JAMES MOON, SR. (1639 - 1713) and
JOAN JANE BURGESS (1649/50 - 1739)
On September 1, 1682, a band of about one hundred persons set sail
from Deal, England on the "Welcome" with William Penn bound for this recently acquired province in the new land across the ocean, where they could worship in freedom. 

-- Christmas Day on the Train
Author:  Lydia C. George (Sanders)
Date: Circa 1901 - 1902
For a year Papa and Mama, Arthur and Ella Sanders, had been making plans and arrangements to leave our home near Northbranch, Kansas, and go to Idaho to establish a new home.

-- Woodland Settlement (Prose)
Fay A. Moon
circa 1944
Little clearing on the hill top,
From the wide world set apart;

-- Leo Moon - The Little Colonel
Author:  Maxine Mallery Elmo
Date:  March 26, 2004 
Family History

-- One Holiday Breakfast
Author:  Maxine Elmo
Date:  April 3, 2004
Diane (Earl & Georgia's second daughter) and her husband, Rick Scott, moved from Europe to the state of Maine with their two little children.  In the time they lived there (about 2 - 3 years?), they visited us on most of the holidays.

-- Eulogy to Mother - Lydia Catherine Sanders George
Author:  Zelda Moon - Mayberry
Circa:  1985
Lydia Catherine Sanders George was born January 20, 1887 at North Branch, Kansas to Arthur and Ella Sanders, the eldest of three children.  At the age of 15 she moved with the family from Jewell County, Kansas to Woodland, Idaho in 1895, one of the first families, members of the Friends Faith, to come to Woodland from the same area of Kansas.

Story Title:  Leo Moon Update
Author:  Jeff Wightman
Date:  March 28 2006
This is an update to the prior story about Col. Leo Moon, USAF (ret). At last report, he was living near Ft Worth Texas. His wife is not well, but he is caring for her and is very upbeat and conversant.


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